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"People like Mazin who was a best friend to me start to become a distant memory. Things change in that life and this life started lackin’ synergy, and fuckin’ with me mentally, I think it’s meant to be." - Drake. "Wu-Tang Forever."


Fuck it. I’ll just come out and say it; in my early teen years I was a bitch for Degrassi. Like, i’m talking, I might as well have tucked my sack back and ate Nutella by the gallon. Instead of gathering to the nearest adult free suburban house on a Friday night, and getting inebriated off of Kelly’s parents’ Jagermeister stash, I choose to stay home and watch Degrassi. At the time I was such a bitch I didn’t even think kids my age were drinking. How naive was I to think that teen drinking only happened in Jennifer Love Hewitt movies?! What a total fucking loser I was. Anyway, one day while taking a masturbation break, I happened to come across a post on Degrassi’s website. This post had a link to Aubrey’s Myspace music page. My-fucking-space! Remember Myspace?! Ohhh, the nostalgia burns my insides. Immediately double clicking the shit out of that link I noticed two things; one, he chose to go by the moniker ‘Drake,’ and two, he listed himself as a rapper. There was no way this kid who just discovered what a shape up is could be a rapper, that’s a walking contradiction! I was so eager to push play and laugh at how bad his music was. As a kid that got no girls and stayed in on weekends to watch a preteen soap opera, this was legit all I had.

My attitude changed quickly after pressing play. WHEELCHAIR JIMMY WAS LEVITATING ALL OVER THE TRACK! This wasn’t the Nick Jr., Bow Wow type flow that I expected. The kid was really spitting. ‘Thrill is Gone’ was on repeat for a week straight, and i’ve been a fan ever since.

Fast forward a few years and some change and the once unknown rapper, Drake, has transformed into arguably the most popular rapper out, and just released his third album. After hearing one of the more anticipated tracks on the album, ‘Wu-Tang Forever’, the quote above stood out to me. Because the core of my soul is still flooded with useless Degrassi information I instantly remembered that, Mazin, was also in Degrassi. Not only was he in Degrassi, but Mazin was the executive producer on a pilot for a show, Us & Them, that both Drake and Mazin stared in. Unfortunately, it never saw the light of day.

The show opens up with Drake’s actual grandmother ( R.I.P.) watching a Smack DVD. Does it get more adorable than that? no, the answer is no. This video also brought back the realization that ‘cranking that Soulja Boy’ was a thing! I once cranked that Soulja Boy just to have sex, true story. Sophomore year of college, this girl asked me to come to her dorm and teach her the dance. Her logic was that I was black so I should automatically come programmed with a bevy of dances. Wrong, fuck stereotypes. I had to YouTube instructions, I practiced for a God damn hour. We got drunk off Smirnoff Blueberry that night and she wouldn’t let me penetrate until I shuck and jived that Soulja Boy. Jesus Christ, I pretty much sold my soul just to stick my penis in a warm place for a couple of minutes.